Too much content or Too little content
How much content should you have on each page of your website? Did you know that Google prioritizes websites with at least 1500 words of content per page? Fortunately, most websites can still rank well on Google with much less copy. Think about how much you really need to tell the story of your business.

Number 9

No Clear Call to Action
This is an extremely common mistake that even some professionals make. It’s not enough to tell about your business, you need to get visitors to take action and a great way to do this is using a “call to action” section. It could be in the form of a graphic, a text box with a button, or an eye catching animation. Let your visitors know what you want them to do and chances are they will do it!

Number 8

Not Mobile Friendly
Google’s currently penalizes websites that do not have a mobile optimized version. Besides this, it’s just plain bad business to frustrate mobile users when as many as 80% of websites are now visited for the first time on a mobile device.

Number 7

Not Regularly Updating Your Site
It’s all too common to build a website that is adequate, then forget you have a website. Months, then years go by and your website is left behind. There is no hard and fast rule that says how often a website should be updated, but in my 15 years experience as a web designer, I believe a minimum is every 5-6 years.

Number 6

Not having a Clear Purpose
What is the purpose of your website? Is it to sell a product? Is it primarily informational? A way to interact with customers? Generate leads? If you can’t answer this question, your website may not have a well-defined purpose and if you can’t identify your site’s purpose, chances are neither can your pros

Number 5

Mission Statements
I know it’s tempting, but please don’t put your company’s mission statement anywhere near the home page of your website. The truth is, visitors to your site just don’t care. Your mission statement may guide your company internally, but it will only confuse and annoy your customers.

Number 4

Slow Loading Pages
This is all too common but it can drive away visitors and will absolutely kill your rank with Google. I’ve been guilty of this myself on occasion. It’s OK to use animation sparingly and photos can give your site that “wow factor”. But be careful that you don’t sacrifice fast loading pages or or visitors may not hang around to see what your page looks like.

Number 3

Outdated Technology
By far the biggest offender here is Flash. At one time it was the hottest technology and everyone was using it. However, when Apple refused to recognize Flash in their mobile devices it all but killed it. No website should still be using Flash in 2017.

Number 2

Poor Image Quality
This should go without saying, but the graphics or logos on your site should never have jagged edges and photos should not look like they were taken by a 10 year old. These days most phones come equipped with high resolution digital cameras, so it’s not necessary to hire a professional photographer, but at the very least make sure you have good lighting and composition for your photos.

Number 1

Hard to Find Contact Information
Of course you should have a contact us page. But it’s equally important to display your most important contact information, phone, email, etc. “above the fold”, that is on the area of each page that is first seen when a visitor lands on your site. Make sure it’s easy to contact you or you could be missing business.

That’s my list. Is your website guilty of any of these crimes?

About the Author:
James Wallace has been a Freelance web designer and consultant for over 15 years and is currently the lead designer for Jazzy Frog.